Business Gifting, and why you need to be giving the best.

What is business gifting?
Corporate gift-giving is a gesture to express gratitude and appreciation towards your clients, customers and employees
Organisation often give them out to give thanks, strengthen relationships with recipients and show how valued their customers are to them. 
Corporate gift types
There are many reasons why you might want to give a business gift. It could be an employee milestone, a birthday, they've done something special for you or the company. It's the holiday season and you need to give thanks to the people who have helped your business thrive. Secure repeat future business and nurture your connections.
Corporate gifts for your notable clients
A corporate gift is an opportunity to share the importance of your clients on a personal level. You want to show them their business matters and giving a gift can make the world of difference.
You want to create a special relationship with your clients. Always make sure the thoughtfulness of what you give matches how close a connection this person has with your company.
It helps set you apart from the competition when you go above and beyond to show that you genuinely care about customers by providing regular business gifts.
Gifts are not just a means of saying "thank you" to your clients. They show how much value their business is to you. In fact, according to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), gift-giving is proven to increase business activity and improve ROI.